An urban talisman for the modern day bohemian, TENZIN is our original classic design, inspired by the spirit and ancient symbolism of the Tibetan mala, but with a 21st century twist.  

This longer length BOHEMIAN TENZIN necklace combines Jade & Crystal with emblematic sterling silver beads, shell discs and leather/ribbon hangings. Green Jade has long been a symbol of wisdom, growth and vitality and is widely used to protect against negative energies. Crystal Quartz is believed to have both spiritual and emotional healing properties as well as enhancing intuition and clarity of thought.

Named after a Tibetan term for Master of Teachings, our iconic TENZIN necklace was first launched in 2007 and has evolved to become a cult favourite around the globe.  We can also customise its design to suit your individual and personal taste.

Main bead size: 6mm
Length to pendant: appx. 40cm + 10cm hangings

Hand-made with love in St. Tropez.