the natural born story

NATURAL BORN by alfred is the brainchild of French photographer and creative director Alfred Cannamela whose first trip to Nepal in 2005 was to become the catalyst for his creations. He then met his English partner, designer and stylist Julie Kennedy, and together they have channeled their wanderlust and inner gypsy souls to create an iconic brand and a natural alchemy of ancient cultures and modern vision.

They travel extensively, sourcing beautiful stones and searching out artisan silversmiths and craftsmen with whom they work in developing their ideas whilst preserving a strong sense of cultural heritage, before returning to their design atelier in the south of France where each new collection is handmade with love and attention to detail.

Their designs are born from a love-tinged addiction to symbolic gemstones – both precious and semi-precious – which they select for their timeless quality, intrinsic energy and personal expression. Unique to Natural Born are the sterling silver and bronze beads, amulets and pendants that bear the brand’s exclusive designs and signature logo, which is a graphic interpretation of the Tibetan double dorje. The dorje is considered a symbol of enlightenment, endless creativity and supreme stability, and also represents the perfect balance of male and female principles.

The current collection features necklaces, bracelets and rings but the Natural Born design duo are also developing concepts for an accessories line.

For further information or to commission a bespoke design, please email us at [email protected]